Das seid ihr Hunde wert! – Lesung mit Musik

It is not possible to separate the life and work of Erich Mühsam. He was a bohemian, poet, anarchist, humorist, political journalist, playwriter, bisexual erotomaniac, revolutionary. Even in the heart of danger he was unwaveringly affectionate. And finally he was one of the Nazi’s first high-profile victim. In 1933 he was arrested on the night of the infamous Reichstag fire and murdered in a concentration camp after months of torture.

Nationwide readings of the Erich-Mühsam-Lesebuch published by Markus Liske and Manja Präkels.

In the year 2014, Der Singende Tresen dedicated a complete album to the poet. MÜHSAMBLUES contains thirteen newly arranged songs, including a previously unpublished masterpiece, inherited from the subversive protagonist of a Germany between two world wars, who fluctuated between hope and despair and was armed with the humor of a survivalist artist.

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MÜHSAMBLUES – Platte des Monats September 2014 in der Konkret: “[D]ie Band versteht sich wundersam auf die Frickelei zwischen Hanns Eisler und Tom Waits. […] Mühsam hätte sie gemocht. Allein der Zärtlichkeit wegen.” (H. Justin)

Erich-Mühsam-Fest & Vorsicht Volk

Co-Organizer of the Erich-Mühsam Festival 2014 and the follow-up event Vorsicht Volk 2015:

„It may seem presumptuous to label the artists and debates of today as a brand of Mühsam’s tradition, but I am sure that just this presumption would have pleased him. At this festival we, of course, present the original works of Mühsam through readings and new arrangements, but above all we are interested in the questions of the present. An event based purely on commemoration would certainly not be in the style of Erich Mühsam.“ (Manja Präkels, author, singer und Co-Founder of the festival)

More information can be found under www.kulturelleinformation.de

Die Stadt der Millionen. Ein Lebensbild Berlins.

A film by Adolf Trotz (1925) with new music for chamber ensemble.

DIE STADT DER MILLIONEN is a colorful pictorial broadsheet and the first full-length city portrait of German film history – a unrightfully forgotten yet precious historical document of the metropolis, which will not be around in this form for much longer. A wonderful cinematic experience combined with the joy of experimentation, the rediscovery of a lost classic with newly composed and recored Ensemble-Music.

Lilia Antico – Vibes
Thorsten Müller – Clarinet
Boris Bojadzhiev – Violoncello
Bowen Liu – Piano

Composition and art direction – Boris Bojadzhiev, Bowen Liu
Recorded and Mixed – Christoph de la Chevallerie

© Filmmuseum Potsdam // In cooperation with ARTE Edition

“Wo ist Zuhause, Vogelherz?”

“This program renounces applause and approval, but also the contradiction and even the critic, of those who disregard, hate and prosecute poverty. It is not the right of every west-european, who grew up being used to lifts and luxurious toilets, to make bad jokes about Romanian lice, Galician bugs and Russian fleas. This program renounces the “objective” listeners, who, with contemptible and spiteful benevolence, look down upon the eastern neighbors from the tottering towers of western civilization. Who, out of pure spite, deplore the lacking sewage and out of fear for contagion imprison the poverty stricken emigrants in barracks, where the solution to social problems is left to death.”                                                                                   (frei nach Joseph Roth, Juden auf Wanderschaft, 1927)

Manja Präkels – Uke, Sounds
Thorsten Müller – Bass clarinet
Zhenja Oks – Guitar
Benjamin Hiesinger – Bass

Manja Präkels and Markus Liske, together with their fantastic colleges from Der Singenden Tresen, read and arrange texts from “vogelfreien Nestbeschmutzern”: Erich Mühsam, Mascha Kaléko, Christa Reinig, Günter Bruno Fuchs, Heiner Müller, Hilde Domin, Joseph Roth, Ernst Toller, Steffen Mensching und Robert Gernhardt.

Kreuzberger Klarinetten Kollektiv

Kommen Sie näher! Treten Sie ein! Sperren Sie ihre Ohren auf und lauschen Sie unseren schlagenden Klarinettisten, gefallenen Engeln und entschlafenen Enten. Laufen sie mit, wenn sich Hase und Igel ein Rennen liefern, reisen Sie mit uns an entlegene Orte und drehen sie eine Runde auf unserem Kettenkarussell. Der Eintritt ist frei, der Jahrmarkt ist eröffnet. Sie mögen es Dada nennen, wir nennen es „11“.

   EP “11” – Kreuzberger Klarinetten Kollektiv – Solo Jürgen Kupke (cl) / Thorsten Müller (bcl)